Lira Guzi Salon is Now Open

We are overly excited to welcome you back! The last few months have been challenging and we look forward to reconnecting with all of you again! We have implemented several new protocols to ensure that we provide you with the safest environment that we can. We hope you are doing well and staying safe. We are always here for you.

Sending tons of love, Lira Guzi Salon team!

Safety Protocols

  • Please come alone and do not bring any packages with you.
  • Arrive on-time for your appointment and wait outside of the salon if you arrive early.
  • Confirm 24-48 hours in advance before your appointment that you are feeling healthy and well. We encourage cancellation without penalty if you're showing any signs of sickness.
  • Be prepared for a temperature check before entering the salon and anticipate being asked to leave if your temperature is high.
  • Answer questions before entering the salon to ensure that you have not had any exposure to COVID-19.
  • Sign a waiver prior to entering the salon to acknowledge any potential risk to exposure.
  • Please wear a mask that secures behind your ears. We will provide a mask at a small charge if you do not bring a mask with you.
  • Use the gown that we provide.
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer if receiving nail services.
  • In order to ensure proper social distancing, we ask that you understand that there will be limited appointments during this time.

Ways that you can support our salon during this time: